Weathering the Storm

Tuckman’s model overview

Bruce Tuckman’s model is one of the most frequently cited models of group development. It describes 4 nearly linear phases – Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. A fifth stage was added later called Adjourning.

Tuckmans Model

Forming – This is when the team is put together. People are new and trying to learn about each other. They also trying to learn more about their tasks. The focus is usually still on themselves as individuals rather than on the team. At this stage, team members skirt around tough, controversial topics.

Storming – In this stage, the team members start to broach topics that lead to potential conflict – like structure, distribution of responsibilities, leadership and decisions. This stage is also where team members try to establish their status within the team.

Norming – When teams emerge from the storming stage, they enter the Norming stage where they begin to identify with the team’s common goals. Team members begin to accept each other as they are and display more tolerance.

Performing – With roles and norms established, teams may reach a high level of success. Motivation levels are high and so is expertise due to experience and team stability. Dissent expressed in constructive ways is encouraged.

Adjourning – As the project ends, the team breaks up or disbands in the adjournment phase.

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