Try something new today!

Agile embraces failing fast and failing often.

Sounds like something losers would say, huh?

After all, most of us have been conditioned since childhood to work hard in order to succeed.

So how does one embrace failing?

The secret is to fail fast and often but also to fail small and cheap.

And, of course, to learn fast and often from these little failures.

So here’s what i am trying –  doing small experiments and learning from them – with a visual board.

Failure (and Success) in full view

Step 1 – You have an idea – log it

No idea is too big, small, bad, crazy, wild…Everything goes on the board

Experiments - Lane 1


Step 2 – Design a small experiment to try your idea out

Experiments - Lane 2

Questions to ask yourself –

What will I learn if the experiment succeeds?

What will I learn if the experiment fails?

Is the experiment cheap enough?

Is the experiment small enough to recover from quickly if needed?

How will I know if the experiment failed or succeeded?

Step 3 – Run the experiment – keep it small, fast, cheap

Experiments - Lane 3

Step 4 – Experiment done – what did we learn from the experiment?

Experiments - Lane 4

Step 5 – Done (Experiment Succeeded/Experiment Failed)

Experiments - Lane 5

Rinse and Repeat for other ideas!

Experiments - Kanban board with post its.png



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