Intuitively Agile

The Agile Manifesto starts with talking about how Individuals and Interactions are more valuable than Processes and Tools.

As an Agile coach, I find that while it is still relatively easy to get people to start practicing “practices”, the heart of Agile – the “people” – is the toughest part. But I have come across some managers who are “intuitively Agile” (you know who you are).

And they are not necessarily people who are “doing” Agile.

These are people who invest in building motivated individuals around them – they start out with the similar people as others but grow them into enthusiastic, passionate, high-performing team players. And these then in turn start exhibiting similar traits in developing more people creating a domino effect.

These are people who create a safe environment for taking risks and failing fast. This allows their people to experiment and innovate knowing fully well that when they fail, they have their managers backing and support to get them back up on their feet.

These are people who empower their team members while expecting them to take responsibility and ownership over their work. They allow them the freedom to take decisions by cutting the bureaucracy and decentralizing decision-making.

These are people who demonstrate every day that titles don’t matter – if developers need a helping hand and these managers can don that hat, they do. If testers need help, they do what they can to help. Roles and titles are “guidelines” and not rules.

More power to their tribe!!